EMFIG conducts neutral workplace, Title IX, and Section 504 (disability) investigations and broader assessments to support informed decision-making in response to suspected or alleged discrimination, harassment, retaliation and compliance concerns. EMFIG investigations demonstrate prompt, impartial, and thorough evaluation of the issues to support well-reasoned analysis and credibility assessment. At EMFIG, promoting investigation integrity as part of the critical task of defining investigation scope is essential.

Employment Matters LLC houses the attorneys providing legal advice and representation to its clients. Conducting appropriate workplace and school investigations requires assuming the role of objective and neutral fact finder. FIG is recognized as a separate entity to demonstrate attention and dedication to the unique role of neutral investigator.

Seminar training, conflict mediation or facilitation, and legal counsel to support compliance and HR best practices are also available. For school districts, colleges, and universities EMFIG provides consulting on a broad range of civil rights compliance issues, addressing race, color, national origin, sex, age, and disability concerns. Consulting services include assessments to ensure compliance with Federal civil rights regulations, investigation of grievances, technical assistance, workshops and training seminars.

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