Don’t Miss our January 2021 Leadership Development offerings

Don’t miss our January open enrollment offerings-

  • Communication Tools with Bridget Morris,
  • Navigating Pandemic Fatigue with Peggy Penberthy,
  • Time Management Doug Gertner,
  • Harassment Prevention with Kimberly Searfoorce,
  • Workplace Civility with Bridget Morris,
  • Foundations of Supervision with Kimberly Searfoorce and
  • Leadership: The Human Side of Business with Peggy Penberthy

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Leadership: The Human Side of Business

Tired of getting the same results? Join us for this impactful and insightful session that will recalibrate how you think about leadership.

FIRO theory, developed by Dr. Will Schutz identifies common human behaviors and the motivations behind them. Utilize his framework to increase self-awareness and develop a better understanding of others.  Enhance effectiveness by managing reactivity and practice new ways of working with and leading others. This session will bring clarity about your leadership aspirations and provide strategies for increasing interpersonal effectiveness.

The Employment Matters practitioners bring a caring and skill to their work that helps to create exceptional transformational experiences. Their programs will deliver more than you expect!

Ethan Schutz, President & CEO, The Schutz Company and Master Human Element Practitioner

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