Replenish, Rejuvenate, Recharge

Replenish, Rejuvenate, Recharge

Lisa Rochelle Barbeau  with Lisa Barbeau


Resilience: Finding Happiness in Hard Times

8:30-12:30 Oct 21st       

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Navigating Pandemic Fatigue

8:30-3:30 Nov 5th

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Check out our leadership development offerings on October 19th!

Employment Matters is expanding its offerings!

Attend our Virtual Sampler and see how our experienced facilitators can support your organizational goals.

October 19th 8:30-12:15, $45/person

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8:30-8:45  Welcome

8:45-9:30  Communication Tools: Interpersonal Mastery

9:30-10:15  Resilience: Finding Happiness in Hard Times

10:30-11:15  Workplace Civility

11:15-12  Coaching: Maximizing Potential

Noon-12:15  Closing

Employment Matters Welcomes Peggy Penberthy

  Peggy joined Employment Matters as a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach in September 2020.  With an M.S. in Educational Psychology and Instructional Design, Peggy has been partnering with clients for 25 years to provide impactful training, coaching, team facilitation and mediation.  She is a certified Integral Coach, working with emerging leaders and senior executives to become more strategic, inspiring and impactful leaders.  During her 23 years at Employers Council, she designed and facilitated workshops in the areas of communication, coaching, conflict management, team building and training design and delivery, and designed multiple Leadership Academies.  Her additional qualifications include SPHR, SHRM, Integral Coaching, 360 Profilor coaching, mediation, Radical Collaboration, FIRO/Element B, Leadership through Influence and Skillscope certifications.


Employment Matters Welcomes Kimberly Searfoorce

Kimberly Searfoorce  Kimberly launched Leading Matters, the leadership development expansion of Employment Matters, as a Director of Training, Coaching and Mediation in August 2020.  Her background is primarily a mix of employment law and human resources.  This experience lends a nuanced perspective to her workplace advice and training.

Previously an Employers Council attorney and leadership development consultant for twenty years, she presents to forums of all sizes on a variety of topics including conflict, assertiveness, and employment law, with a strong focus on bias and inclusion.  A member of the Colorado Bar, Kimberly earned her degree from Santa Clara University School of Law and is a certified Enneagram in Business Train the Trainer and What Type of Leader Are You? facilitator.


Leadership Development Training- Reduce Bias and Increase Inclusion for More Effective Teams

Join me in October for these timely and interactive sessions!

Employment Matters welcomes Lisa Barbeau

 Lisa joined Employment Matters, as a Director of Training, Coaching and Mediation in August 2020. With a M.S. in Instructional Design from the University of Michigan, Lisa has practiced in the organizational development and learning arena for over thirty years. Her additional qualifications include SHRM PHR, Myers-Brigg Type Indicator Step I and Step II certifications, Mediation certification, Leadership through Influence and the Human Element administration, Appreciative Inquiry, as well as 360 Profiler Coaching. During her two plus decades with Employers Council, she gained recognition as a leader in facilitation and manager of Organizational Development and Learning. Lisa has trained and consulted with both non-profit and for-profit companies and has extensive experience with the public sector.

Employment Matters Welcomes Bridget Morris

  Bridget joined Employment Matters, as a Director of Training, Coaching and Mediation in August 2020. With an M.A. in Education from the American University, Washington DC, Bridget is a former High School and College instructor. Twelve years ago she joined Employers Council and practiced in the Organizational Development and Learning department where she practiced Mediation, Certified as an Executive Coach from New Ventures West and taught over 30 different classes ranging in communicational tools, conflict and train the trainer courses. Her additional qualifications include Myers-Brigg Type Indicator Step I and Step II certifications, the 360 Profiler Coaching, Radical Collaboration and Conflict Coaching. Bridget has extensive experience facilitating in both the public and private sector, as well as various Educational institutions.

Leadership Development- Foundations of Supervision September 29-30

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Being a great leader is much more than managing people. This session will focus on five key components of exceptional leadership: Self-awareness, coaching, engagement, feedback, and communication. Learn specific ways to enhance team performance. Whether you are a seasoned supervisor or entering the role this class will provide tools to help navigate growing your role.