Employment Matters LLC collaborates with Watson Wenk Group

Employment Matters is honored to announce a partnership with the Watson Wenk Group, founded by Darrell B. Watson and Dr. Michael Wenk. Darrell and Mike have over 50 combined years of supporting businesses, schools, community groups, nonprofits, and governmental organizations in fulfilling their mission to serve others. The goal of our partnership with the Watson Wenk Group is to sustain teams that are empowered and engaged, particularly in regard to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (“DE&I”). With the Watson Wenk Group, we can offer a full range of DE&I support, such as group facilitation and training; formulation and implementation of an organizational plan; follow-through strategies; and measuring success. Please contact us to learn how to take your DE&I efforts to the next level, as well as to explore other opportunities offered by Employment Matters for growth and learning. For more information on the Watson Wenk Group, please visit: www.watsonwenkgroup.com

Watson Wenk Group
Darrell Watson  Dr. Michael Wenk

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