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Employment Matters Welcomes Becca Fischer

Becca Fischer, J.D.  –  Senior Investigator

Becca joined Employment Matters in May of 2021. After graduating from Tulane University Law School, she worked in private practice for nine years as an employment lawyer specializing in litigation and compliance. In 2004, Becca went to work for Mark Flynn at Employer’s Council where she performed numerous investigations across the country including California, Colorado, Virginia, and Wyoming. Becca spent the next 13 years as in-house counsel for a national restaurant company with over 400 restaurants and 18,000 employees in 38 states. As General Counsel for a related multi-state corporation, Becca retained direct oversight of all employment investigations and litigation.

Becca enjoys the challenges of investigation and excels at bringing impartial insights to what are often complex fact patterns involving sensitive topics of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.  Becca’s ability to listen closely and deliver clear and concise written findings allows employers to efficiently resolve their workplace conflicts. Becca is a member of the Association of Workplace Investigators and received training in conducting Title IX investigations from T9 Mastered.

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