Supervising a Virtual Workforce November 16th and December 15th!

Join Jenny Douras for this informative, practical and relevant session!

Supervising can already be tough, but this shift to virtual environments can make the role even harder, particularly if it is new to you and your team. Learn how to effectively lead, motivate, guide, and engage your team in this new remote role. Set strategies for building and maintaining connection, fostering a culture of trust, and how to avoid mistakes that might be amplified in virtual settings. Identify best practices for you and your team as you continue to navigate this next normal for how work gets done.

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Weekly Leadership Development offerings November 11-13

Don’t miss Time Management with Doug Gertner, Resilience with Lisa Barbeau and Listening Skills with Kimberly Searfoorce!

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Resilience: Finding Happiness in Hard Times November 11th!

If you are looking for a companion offering to Nativagting Pandemic Fatigue, please join me for Resilience: Finding Happiness in Hard Times on November 11th! This session is designed for teams and individuals looking to build capacity in navigating this ongoing crisis.
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Time Management: Mastering Multiple Priorities November 11th

Don’t miss this session with master facilitator Doug Gertner on Time Management and the art of mastering multiple priorities.

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This seminar provides best practices and skills that emphasize priorities, organization, and staying on task. Learn to identify and attain long-term professional and personal goals. Discover the time wasters which are consuming your day and how they affect your performance. Better manage interruptions and the deluge of e-mails, voicemails, and other communications. Redesign your day so you can restore balance in your life and leave with the tools to make time for what is most important.

  • Oct 14, Nov 11
  • 8:30-4:00
  • $245
  • Facilitator: Doug Gertner, Ph.D., Workplace Seminars & Solutions

Weekly leadership development offerings November 2nd-6th

Don’t miss our virtual open enrollment offerings of Customer Relations, Lean Processes: Mindset & Tools, Creating a Kinder Workplace, Navigating Pandemic Fatigue. and Presentation Skills. No membership needed!

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Not too late to sign up for our Leadership Development offerings the week of October 26th

Join us for these hands-on, relevant sessions that will support the success of your teams and organizations!

Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace, Foundations of Supervision, Coaching: Maximizing Performance and On-the-Job Training Skills

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LEAN Processes: Mindset & Tools November 3rd

A practical session that provides skills to streamline business processes and eliminate waste. A foundation of LEAN process improvement tools which can immediately be implemented in the workplace. Practices are identified to create efficient and sustainable lean systems that improve your competitive advantage. LEAN is both a set of tools and mindset; this session discusses setting the stage for creating a LEAN culture.


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facilitated by Lisa Barbeau, who has a particular passion for connecting people with this body of work and its tools.


Coaching: Maximizing Potential October 27th

Coaching an employee can be the most effective investment in one’s growth and development. It can help individuals meet their professional goals, resulting in positive changes in their behavior and approach. This class provides ways to practice coaching techniques ranging from having a difficult conversation to offering reflections and practices to broaden self-awareness. Develop effective coaching competencies and skills to support individuals, the team, and have an organizational level impact.

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8:30-3:30 October 27th

facilitated by Peggy Penberthy

Training and Leadership Development the week of October 19th

Don’t miss our classes next week- Unconscious Bias, Meeting Management, Documentation Skills, Resilience, Employment Law, Conflict Management and Problem-Solving!

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Don’t miss our Legal Lunch & Learn Series

With political divisiveness at a peak and two sweeping Colorado workplace laws going into effect January 1, you will want to join us for these on-point and practical discussions.

Presented by:  Cheri Vandergrift, Esq.and Kimberly Searfoorce, Esq

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Oct 21   12-1 pm Politics in the Workplace: The Great Divider

Review permissible employer conduct and best practices in the political arena. Avoid the pitfalls that can cause employee discord and sink morale.


Nov 4    12 -1 pm Colorado Paid Sick Leave:  Are You Ready?

Learn strategies to curb leave abuse. Discover how the new law interacts with current laws, including workers compensation and the FMLA.


Nov 18 12 – 1 pm Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act: The Next Step of Gender Equity

Learn how and when to properly compare positions. Manage compliance challenges, and develop strategies to avoid legal challenges.